20 Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend’s or Girlfriend’s Mom

Looking for the best gifts for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom?
Here are 20 ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


Buying the right gift for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom can be daunting, especially if you don’t see her that often and you’re not very familiar with her tastes. Your boyfriend or girlfriend may be able to give you a few pointers but you will impress them if you have a few ideas of your own. Take a look at our suggestions and you’re sure to get some inspiration.

1. Room Diffuser & Humidifier

Bring some beautiful aromas into her home with a sophisticated cool mist diffuser and humidifier, which can be placed anywhere in the home – bedroom, living room, dining room, office or even the hall way. You can get all types of fragrances to suit the room you choose to place it in or use it without oils as a humidifier. There are different time settings and light options.

2. Necklace

You can’t go far wrong with a beautiful and delicate necklace gift for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom. A pretty birthstone would be a thoughtful and cherished piece of jewelry that is suitable for everyday wear. Finished in gold it has an adjustable chain and will make her feel very special.

3. Candle Lantern

Instead of the original candle gift idea why not step it up and buy a lantern instead. It can be used inside or outside to add light and exotic style to your patio, room or porch. You can have it hanging or as a freestanding lamp. Choose the colour of glass so it gives the perfect glow.

4. Crystal Air Plant

This unique gift idea will be a talking point and also look very elegant and modern wherever it is placed in the house. Rose quartz will bring relaxation, love and a sense of calm into the space around it. As air plants are low maintenance your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom will be grateful to receive an easy to keep plant.

5. Foot Spa

A perfect way to relax is with a good foot soak and to make it even better a foot spa like this will give you the options to massage, use bubbles and heat to make it the perfect spa experience in your own home. For an added extra you could gift it with the right scented foot salts for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom.

6. Infusion Water Bottle

Everyone needs water in their life but you can make it more interesting for your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom with a fruit infusing water bottle. You can choose what you put in the bottle, whether it’s just refreshing lemon or making a natural fruity flavor with the fruits of your choice. It is a simple design with a handy handle lid which means you can take it anywhere.

7. Knitted Throw

A throw is always a must in any house, something to snuggle up with on the sofa is the best feeling. A knitted throw is stylish and looks great on the foot of the bed or the back of the sofa. With so many colours to choose from and lovely textures, it will look great in anyone’s home.

8. Solar Glass Light

Brighten up her day with a colour-changing solar powered glass ball LED garden light. When fully charged (which takes 10-11 hours) the beautiful decoration will light up for eight hours and has two modes – soft white and colour-changing. Energy-saving and waterproof, it is suitable for indoor use too.

9. Vanity Mirror

A simple vanity mirror that won’t break the bank would be a great gift as it can go anywhere in your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom’s home and it is useful too. With lots of lights she’ll be able to see to put on those tricky areas of makeup. It’ll be something different that she can use at her leisure and will last forever.

10. Custom Pet Portrait

If your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom dotes on her furry friend then she’d no doubt love a portrait of him or her to hang on the wall. All you need to do is send in a cute photo and wait for the watercolor original to be created and returned to you. The perfect gift for an animal-lover.

11. Coffee Subscription

Gifting coffee to a coffee lover is always a good idea as you know they’ll love it and it’ll always get used. To make it more interesting a coffee subscription would be perfect – delivered to their house every month so they’ll never run out. With a variety of flavours they will be able to have a different coffee experience each month.

12. Indoor Salad Gardening Book

A handy book about gardening always has its place on the shelf. This book is all about indoor gardening and will teach your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom tips and tricks on how to grow edible plants and herbs perfect for salads, meaning she can have home grown salads every week! A perfect gift for someone who loves to be healthy, likes gardening and also DIY.

13. A Journal

Whether she already has a journal or not, this present will mean she can carry on her writing or start something new. A beautiful gift that will help her explore her hopes and dreams and send her on a journey of self discovery. With lovely artwork this inspirational book is fun as well as thought-provoking.

14. Microwavable Slippers

A snuggly pair of slippers always goes down well, but you could make it even more amazing by buying microwaveable slippers! That’s right, your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom can have toastie toes all year round. They come in a variety of colours and styles so they can look funky as well as keeping out the cold.

15. Messenger Bag

A handbag is vital for most women, not only for practical reasons but also as a fashion statement, so receiving one as a gift is exciting because you get to switch it up more often. There are so many styles and uses that you can’t really go wrong when buying one as a gift. A simple cross body with a pretty design is most likely going to be a winner.

16. Wallet

If you decide to buy a bag then why not pair it with a wallet? You could match the design of the bag or buy a completely different one. This interesting cork wallet will be a conversation starter as it’s vegan, sustainable and looks really cool. After all cork used in this way is not something you see everyday! A useful gift is always welcome.

17. Face Mask Kit

Give your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom a face mask so she can get that luxurious spa feeling in her own home. When it comes to skin it’s important that only good stuff goes on it, so a natural face mask kit would be a perfect gift. This is a little bit different as you have to mix the mask together yourself, making it fun as well as being great for your skin.

18. Jewellery Holder

It’s important to keep your jewellery safe, but it’s also nice to have it well displayed. This deer antler jewellery holder will look really cool and different on the wall and make it so easy for her to see what piece she wants to wear that day. She’ll thank you as she’ll never lose a piece of jewellery again!

19. Photo on Wood

A picture is always a good gift idea, but you can take it to the next level with this image on wood. You could personalize what picture you use, whether it’s of you and your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom, or you and the whole family. This unusual gift will not only look classy in her home but will also be a talking point.

20. Personalised Cushion

A cushion can be used everyday, anywhere and in lots of different ways – so you’re already onto a winning gift. Make it more special by personalizing it either with words that mean something to your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mom, or a special picture that she will love every time she sees it.

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