12 Lovely Gift ideas for an Adoption Party

Here are 12 gift ideas for the new parents and child. At this wonderful time you will want them to receive something special to remember the happy day. These ideas should get some juices flowing and you’ll be able to find something suitable.

I've Loved You Since Forever

1. Reading Book

For adopted children up to the age of 8, this is a really meaningful gift. A lovely book both visually and lyrically, it will become their new favourite bed time story. A fantastic story to symbolise the new bond of an adoptive family. A gift that’ll always have a place on the book shelf.

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2. Matching Necklace

You can’t go far wrong with a beautiful and delicate necklace. These two matching necklaces will be something to cherish forever, and you’ll both have a reminder of each other’s love. This handmade item comes in gold, silver or rose gold so you can choose the perfect finish. You can have initials engraved onto one side and birthstones on the other side. A thoughtful gift suitable for everyday wear.

3. Adoption Baby Book

This sweet adoption baby book can be filled with wonderful memories from the moment they were born. It can be personalised from the name on the front, to the colour of the book which will make it super special. A book full of memories that will always be wonderful to look back on. A lovely gift for newborn boys and girls.

4. Personalized Ornament

This sweet ornament can be personalized to say anything you want. It can be hung up anywhere anytime, or you can get it out on special occasions and hang it on the tree through the festive season. A thoughtful gift, reminding everyone of that special day. Suitable for anyone who has been adopted.

5. Personalized Wooden Block

This wooden baby block can be personalised to suit the person you’re buying for. With lots of different variations of patterns and words to have engraved, each side will have a special meaning. It’ll look lovely in anyone’s home, and you even have the option to have it hanging!

6. Family Adoption Dates Print

This simple but effective print will be a great addition to their home, reminding them everyday of the wonderful adoption. You’ll be able to personalise it so every word and date will have a meaning and will make it extra special. A lovely gift they will love and appreciate forever.

7. Special Message Bangle

This simply beautiful bangle looks plain on the outside, but has a secret message on the inside. You’re able to choose the finish and size of the bangle, and can write a meaningful message to be engraved inside (or on the outside too if that’s what you fancy). A lovely gift that holds a special meaning.

I Wished for You: A Keepsake Adoption Journal

8. Adoption Journal

This one is for the adoption parents. It’s a journal containing prompts for you to fill in as your journey as a new parent blossoms.There are lots of spaces for notes, photographs, announcements, and any other mementos you want to include. A beautiful gift that can be made into your special book of moments.

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King Queen Princess Family Matching T-Shirts Husband Wife & Girl Valentines Day

9. Matching Family T-Shirts

This sweet matching set for husband, wife and baby girl will definitely get people looking for the right reasons. A cute gift that’ll bring the new family together instantly. Featuring King, Queen and Princess on each top, it’ll be a fun t-shirt to wear anywhere anytime!

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10. Date Keychain

This handmade aluminium keyring can be personalised, you could add the new baby’s birth date, or the adoption date, and any other words you want on there too. A special reminder of the joyful occasion that can go with the parents anywhere they go.

11. Personalized Baby Blanket

This neutral blanket can feature the new baby’s name for that personal touch. With lots of different sizes and colours to choose from, you’ll be able to create the perfect gift that will always be a memory of the celebrations. A useful gift that will also be a special reminder.

12. Plant or Tree

A plant or tree would be a great idea to symbolise the forever growing love, and the roots of the new family. There’s so many varieties of plants and trees, you can choose the one that’ll suit them most. A special gift that can last a life time. (link is just for plant pot).

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