22 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Flight Attendants

Looking for the best gift ideas for a flight attendant?
Here are 22 ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


Finding it difficult to seek out the perfect gift for a flight attendant you know? Whatever occasion, whether they’re male or female, have a browse through these 22 gift ideas we have found and put together for you. You’re bound to find the right gift, some ideas or some inspiration.

1. Keyring with Message of Love

A sweet way to show that you care. This stainless steel keyring tag can be taken anywhere he or she may go as a reminder that you love them. A subtle accessory for keys or bags that will bring a smile to their face every time they see it. Suitable for men or women.

2. Personalized Passport Holder

Their passport will always need to be kept handy and safe. So why not treat them to a passport holder, or a new fresh one if they already have one. This particular holder has 3 slots for cards, so is multi-functional. A useful accessory to make their passport look pretty, especially as you can add their name to give it that really personal touch. There are options for women and men.

3. Pretty Necklace & Bracelet Set

This dainty jewelry set is a beautiful gift for a flight attendant. She can wear them together, or you can wear one each to show your connection, even if you’re apart. A really pretty accessory suitable for everyday wear. Choose from silver or gold finishes – and even choose the necklace on its own if that’s more appropriate. A gift anyone would love to receive.

4. Flight Attendant Journal

This smart and simple journal would be a great addition to a flight attendant’s luggage. They will be able to jot down the good, bad and the ugly from every flight experience. Something to keep hold of memories or things they just need to note down. This would be perfect for men or women.

5. Doormat for Happy Feet

This cleverly designed doormat will be sure to point your flight attendant friend in the right direction. A useful gift that can be placed inside or outside, it is bound to put a smile on their face, or feet – every time they arrive, or depart! A fun and quirky way to link their job into a gift. Great for either male or female flight attendants.

6. Versatile & Beautiful Sarong

Gift a beautiful sarong – a truly functional item that will come in handy whether it’s used as a scarf, a blanket or even a pillow. A really versatile gift, sarongs can be worn by all body shapes in all seasons. With so many patterns to choose from you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your friend.

7. Hanging Toiletries Bag

This toiletry bag isn’t your ordinary toiletry bag – it can be hung up in your bathroom or bedroom anywhere you go, making it a portable shelving unit. There is plenty of space for everything that’s needed and the multiple compartments make it easy to organise and keep everything in order. 
You could even put a few essential toiletries in there if you’re feeling generous, such as hand sanitiser, hand cream or lip balm. They’ll love this handy gift.

8. Durable Water Bottle in All Colors & Sizes

Everyone needs to be hydrated – especially when flying. This durable stainless steel water bottle is leak proof and insulated, keeping drinks hot or cold for hours. The lid has a loop design, which can be attached to baggage to make it easily portable. With lots of different sizes and patterns to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect one.

9. Reusable Eco-friendly Makeup Remover Pads

After a long day all glammed up, the thing you’re most looking forward to is taking off your makeup. To make is super easy you can use these reusable eco friendly makeup remover pads. With just water, you can wipe the day away. Perfect for on the go too when you just want to freshen up. Can be gifted to men or women!

10. Calming Essential Oil Roll-on

Being a flight attendant is definitely a stressful job. With long hours ahead,  they’ll want to get their hands on anything that will help them stay calm and relaxed. This handy little roll-on essential oil, that is small enough to be taken in their hand luggage, can be a quick remedy to help take the stress away. A thoughtful and fun gift suitable for men and women.

11. Pampering Eye Masks

Treat them to a bit of luxury for when the long busy day is done. These eye masks are a great way to pamper yourself, and can be taken with you anywhere you go. There’s 60 patches in a tub, so there will be plenty of self care time to enjoy. Would be a great gift for men or women.

12. ‘I Love You’ Plane Print

Let them know that you love him or her with this simple and sweet print, featuring a plane pulling a sign saying ‘I love you’. Even though they’re unable to take it with them, it’ll be a lovely reminder when they arrive back home and is sure to put a smile on their face. A simplistic print that’ll look great in anyone’s home.

13. Aviation Map Cushion Cover

A monochrome house accessory will suit anyone’s home. This cushion cover shows an aviation map of the world and he or she can browse the places where he or she has travelled to. A really cool way to subtly bring their job into their home. A great gift for male or female flight attendants.

14. Track Countries Visited With a Scratch Map

Of course, the most exciting thing about being a flight attendant is visiting new places all the time. With this scratch map they’ll be able to keep track of where they have been, as well as it looking really cool pinned up anywhere in their home. A gift that’ll bring back lots of memories when they’re reminded of where they have been.

15. Relax With an Adult Coloring Book

Bring out their creativity with an adult coloring book. It comes with everything they need, all condensed into a smart folder that they can take anywhere they go. Great for indulging in a bit of art therapy – whiling away the long hours, relaxing and de-stressing. A great gift for men or women.

16. Vintage Airplane Locket for That Special Image

This vintage-looking locket will allow him or her to take a special image around the world with them. It features a lovely small solid brass airplane in the center. You will be able to fill it with an image of a memory you shared together, get a collection of images for them to swap and choose or leave it empty and let them decide what to fill it with. It would look great on men or women.

17. Try Out Recipes from Around the World

After travelling to so many countries, they’re bound to have tried lots of local dishes. When they get home they no doubt want to try cooking it for themselves. This book contains 450 recipes for them to have a go at. A great gift for someone who travels the world so much. A suitable to gift men or women.

18. Aviator Sunglasses

These pilot style sunglasses are always in fashion and are inspired by their job. They will always come in handy when sunning it up on their stop-overs or even when they’re home. A gift that’s useful and looks great is always a good idea. With lots of colours to choose from you can gift them to males or females.

19. Unique World Whiskey Decanter Set

This really fancy, unique gift would look great displayed in his or her home. With the world as the main design it makes a great gift for flight attendants who travel the world, of course. It comes with world print glasses and a globe decanter, buy them a bottle of whisky (or their favourite drink) and you have the perfect gift.

20. Roll & Go Sun Hat

This sun hat has a really clever design. It can be rolled up and easily fit in their case or hand luggage so they will never get caught out when the sun comes out. It can be used when they have a stopover while working or when they get home. With two different colors to choose from, you’ll be able to choose the perfect gift.

21. Raincoat in a Pouch

Although most of the time the destinations they fly to are likely to be sunny, you always have to prepare for that unexpected downpour. Gift them a handy and stylish raincoat that can be packed away into a small pocket, and easily put into their suitcase or handbag. A gift that they’ll be so grateful for when the rain starts!

22. Sunscreen Gift Set

A high SPF sunscreen is an everyday essential. This trio of sunscreen SPF 30, cool down lotion and SPF 30 lip balm, all packed into a handy toiletry bag, will be a god send because they will never have enough of this stuff! A really handy gift which would be suitable for men or women.

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