29 Perfect Gift Ideas for That Tennis Lover You Know

Looking for the best gift ideas for a tennis lover?
Here are 29 ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


Here we have SERVED up 29 thoughtful gift ideas that your friend, family or tennis partner are going to LOVE. Hopefully these SMASHING ideas will give you inspiration to MATCH up the perfect gift to that ACE tennis player you know. Have a look through, you’re bound to HIT a WINNER!

Tennis Anyone?

1. Tennis Ball Bath Bombs

Why not treat them to pampering ‘tennis balls’. These tennis ball shaped bath bombs, presented in an up cycled container, are a really creative gift that any tennis player would love to ‘receive’. They are made with all natural ingredients and Epsom Salt. Fantastic for muscle soaking after their match.

2. Quirky Salad Servers

With a classic tennis racket design, these solid beech wood salad servers will sure be a conversation starter. Take with you on a picnic, BBQ or dinner party. They are really fun yet useful utensils and will look great in any kitchen. A fantastic gift for your male or female tennis playing friends who love to eat healthily.

3. Cooling Microfibre Towel

This cooling towel is a great accessory to keep handy in your tennis bag. It comes with a pouch and an attached clip so you can easily take it anywhere you go. When you’re feeling the pressure, you’ll be able to take a breather and cool down – this will be a life saver. You can wear it round your neck or as a bandana. With 2 sizes to choose from and lots of different colours, these will be perfect for anyone who plays tennis.

4. Infusion Water Bottle

Everyone needs to be hydrated – especially when playing tennis. This durable water bottle is leak proof and features a full length infusion rod, keeping drinks flavoured for hours. You can choose what to flavour the water with from fruit to herbs. The lid has a loop design, which can be attached to baggage to make it easily portable. With lots of different sizes and patterns to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect one.

5. Novelty Tennis Crew Sock

These funky socks will be perfect for any lady tennis player you know. It’s always a must to have at least one pair of novelty socks in the cupboard – but even better to have two with this multipack! Made from polyester, nylon and spandex, they’re comfy and will come in handy. They will also be a funny talking point when they peek through from underneath their trousers.

6. Lunch Bag

This handy lunch bag is suitable for adults and kids. Featuring a tennis rackets and ball image it has an adjustable long strap as well as grab handle – great for all tennis enthusiasts. It can be used for picnics, to take lunch to work, school or tennis training – whenever food is needed on-the-go. A great gift that will always have a use.

7. Tennis Racket Woven Skinnytie

A classic tie will be the perfect accessory for when your tennis playing friend is off court. This smart neck piece will be great for someone who loves to rock the different ties! It’ll be a fabulous way to add some fun to a smart outfit – and is bound to be a conversation starter! A simple way to showcase their passion.

8. Super Soft Cotton Tennis Towels

These large cotton towels are what every tennis player needs in their bag. With this pack you get one pink and one white 100% cotton towel, with tennis slogans printed on the bottom. Great for your friend who plays tennis, your tennis partner or you could even keep one for yourself and give the other one to your friend to match!

9. Eco Zipper Pouch

This eco friendly pouch is a great way to store things on or off the court! They can use it to keep their phone, money and keys safe while they’re having a game of tennis or it can be used as a makeup or cosmetics organiser. With a neutral coloured material and a pink tennis style image printed on the front, its a great gift for ladies and girls who love tennis.

10. Love Hurts Visor

It’s always important to be prepared for sunny days – a visor is a must in a tennis player’s bag. With this tennis visor they won’t be able to blame the sun for their bad shot ever again! This useful accessory is black with a funny ‘Love Hurts’ slogan on it which is sure to be appreciated by their tennis friends. A great gift to get any male or female tennis player you know.

11. Tennis Pattern Hair Ties

A hair tie is a must for long haired sports lovers! There’s nothing worse than preparing for that winning shot when all your concentration is on the hair in your face! These hair ties will be a life saver and with 4 different designs, they’ll be able to pick and choose their style. This pack can be kept in their tennis bag so they’re never short of one, or can be worn on an everyday basis.

12. Printed Tennis Ball

Personalised tennis balls are a great gift to give tennis players on any occasion. You can print on their birthday, anniversary, or be really cheeky and print the date you beat them (depending on their humour, haha). As they’re not intended to be used, they can be displayed neatly in the can, anywhere in the home – a lovely reminder of you and their passion for the game.

13. Stone Coaster Collection

These natural stone coasters will look really classy in anyone’s home. Each coaster has a tennis racket and either LOVE, GAME, SET or MATCH printed on it which is perfect for any tennis player. They’re suitable for hot and cold drinks meaning you can cool down with a cold drink after a long match, or snuggle up with a hot drink in the winter without having to worry about glass rings!

14. Funny Dampeners

It’s always good to have a few spare dampeners in your bag. With these fun dampeners you will make your tennis friend smile as well as the people they play with. A useful and quirky gift suitable for anyone who plays tennis and because there are so many to choose from you will be able to find the perfect one for your friend.

15. Tennis Grips

A tennis grip is obviously essential for every tennis player. With these funky animal prints they will have the coolest grips in their club. An important accessory that is easily made into a stylish one! There are three different designs in this pack, enough to keep them going for plenty of sets!

16. Tennis Necklace

This beautiful handmade necklace features a small tennis racket with a tennis ball attached. It’s a great accessory for tennis lovers. You can chose from yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver or rhodium plated which gives you the option to pick the perfect finish. You can also select the length of the chain, making it customizable. An everyday piece of jewellery that will suit anyone.

17. Sugarpova Treats

All tennis enthusiasts will, of course, know of Sharapova. These tennis ball chewing gums are from her own brand and any tennis player would love to receive these cute little edible tennis balls. They are lemon-lime flavour and about half an inch in size – the perfect treat for the tennis lover you know.

18. Tennis Pasta

These fun pasta shapes are sure to be a winning gift. Everyone loves a pasta dish and with this tennis racket shaped pasta, they will enjoy every mouthful even more! A fun gift that they’ll definitely not be expecting and would be great to receive on any occasion.

19. Refreshing Facial Spray

During and after a long game of tennis, all you want to do is feel fresh and revitalised. This pack of 3 facial sprays is full of natural ingredients that’ll help hydrate and refresh your skin. It can be used during the game, or after. A great gift for men, women, girls and boys!

20. Massage Kit

A mixture of different textured massage balls are a fantastic gift for any sports enthusiast. Presented in a mesh bag, they can be used at home, or taken anywhere including on the court, so they can use it to relieve any muscle discomfort. A gift they are sure to be grateful for.

21. Smartwatch

If you’re feeling generous this would be a very well received item. This gift will be able to monitor their tennis skills, and weaknesses, so they will be able to learn from it and improve their game, whilst also being a useful accessory to wear on a day-to-day basis. With different colours and straps to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect one.

22. Cuff Links

These retro style cuff links will sure put a smile on their face. Great for evenings out, tennis presentation nights or even everyday if that’s what they’re into. They’re a simple and classy piece of jewellery that will go with any suit, and they will be delighted when they see them.

23. Phone case

A fun phone case is always a nice gift to receive. This visually pleasing tennis court phone case gives a simple hint that you’re into tennis, without it being too in your face. Just make sure you know what phone they have before purchasing and it’s bound to be a winner.

24. Smoothie Blender

It’s likely the person you’re buying for is into a healthy lifestyle. With this easy to use smoothie blender, it’ll be a ‘piece of cake’ to get their 5-a-day down them. There’ll be no excuses now! You could even gift it with a recipe book to make it extra special.

25. Wine Charms

After your game of tennis, the plan might be to have a glass of wine with your tennis friends. These wine glass charms would be a great accessory to identify your glass. With 6 sweet designs, they’ll look great on any glass and would be a fun conversation starter.

26. 50th Anniversary US Open Book

A book containing all the key moments through 50 years of the US Open. An interesting read that’ll bring back memories, and things that they might not have known. A book that any tennis lover should have on their shelf. Great for men and women.

27. Tennis Ball Design Wooden Letter

A fun wooden letter with a tennis ball print painted on, perfect for your tennis partner, friend or relative. They come in two options, either standing or flat. Choose a single letter or spell out their whole name. Great to showcase anywhere in their home.

28. Vintage Tennis Racket

These vintage tennis rackets from before 2000, would be a really great homeware gift that any tennis player would love. You could gift a single one, or a set of two or three. They would look fantastic hung up anywhere in their home and would be a great reminder of times gone by. A gift that is bound to be a winner!

29. Tennis Ball Saver

This really great gift stores three tennis balls under pressure, so they never go flat and always have that bounce. Great for any tennis player just to keep in their bag. It’ll always good to know that your tennis balls will remain bouncy every time!

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