10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Amputees

Looking for the best gift ideas for an amputee?
Here are 10 ideas to get the creative juices flowing.


Struggling to find the right gift for someone you know with an amputated limb? Whether you’re looking for women or men’s gifts or something humorous or serious, we have collected a number of ideas for you to look through and find something that’ll be just right. Enjoy the read!

1. Humorous Mug

This simple black mug featuring a funny slogan is sure to make everyone smile. A useful gift that would be suitable for anyone – for their birthday, Christmas….. well, any occasion! It’s bound to become a firm favourite in their collection, and will make them happy every time they use it as it will remind them of you.

2. Body Oil

Body oil is usually an important step in their skincare routine. It can be applied to the limb before the prosthetic is put on, so it doesn’t cause rubbing or pinching. Gifting a nice new oil might be just what they need. Do check if they have a favourite first, you’ll be able to top them up, or open their eyes to a new type of oil. It’s suitable for men and women too.

3. Funny T-Shirt

This hilarious t-shirt is bound to make people smile wherever they go. If they have a good sense of humour then this is a must buy gift. With a plain background and a white slogan, this t-shirt is simple but effective. It would be suitable for everyday wear and can be bought for men or women.

4. Motivational Keychain

This aluminium keychain is engraved with an inspiration quote. It is sure to bring happiness to your friend, relative or anyone else you’re buying it for whenever it catches their eye. It can be attached to their keys, bag or purse and it will always remind them of positive things … and you. A thoughtful gift you could buy any amputee.

5. Towel Warmer

If you’re feeling really generous then splashing out on a towel warmer will definitely put you in their good books. This luxurious gift will allow them to keep their liners and comfort socks lovely and warm before putting them on in the cold winter mornings. A really thoughtful gift that they are sure going to love and appreciate.

6. Desktop Organiser

With all the body lotions, oils, baby wipes and baby powder they use daily, they will obviously need somewhere to keep them tidy and all in one place. These small and compact desktop shelves will store everything they need, with a little drawer too to keep anything out of the way. It can be assembled in their bathroom, bedroom or anywhere else and will suit anyone’s home.

7. Yoga for Amputees Guide

This book is great for yoga enthusiasts. It will show and guide them how to adapt their yoga to their individual level of limb loss. Yoga is a great way to stretch and relax, and it can be done in the comfort of their own home with help from this book. Whether they have never tried yoga before or have tried it in the past, this gift is great for men and women!

8. Yoga Mat

To link in with the option above, a yoga mat would be a great gift to give alongside the book. This means they will have everything they need to get into yoga, thanks to your generosity. With different colours available you will be able to choose the right one for them. Suitable for inside and outside, so they can decide where they want to do their exercises.

9. Relax with a Massage Pillow

Gift your friend, relative or whoever you are buying for, an easy to use massager to make relaxing in their own home that little bit more luxurious. It can be used to knead those tired and aching muscles anywhere on their body at home, or even in the office or the car. It is easily portable and has two easy settings including a heat option.

10. Friendship Bracelets

These bracelets can be worn on wrists or ankles. You can show your connection and love by wearing matching ones. You can make this gift really personal by choosing the colour thread, bead, colour of card and names. Let your friend, relative or anyone else know how much they mean to you with this thoughtful gift.

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